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Book Review: The Day-By-Day Pregnancy Book

Count down each day of your pregnancy with the perfect companion

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love to research. So when I was pregnant, I was no different. I researched absolutely everything, from how to stay healthy during pregnancy to labour and birth.

Staying positive during pregnancy can be so difficult, and often over over-researching can do more damage than good for a woman’s emotional health. So my number one tip to stay positive during pregnancy is NOT to google every pregnancy symptom and refer to good quality information.

This is why I absolutely love The Day-By-Day Pregnancy Book by DK. You can follow your pregnancy journey every single day, and you can rest assured knowing you are receiving only the best quality information from a team of experts. No more shonky and unreliable websites or online forums filled with horror stories to keep you up at night worrying.

This hardcover book is the newest version and has just been updated with the help of Australian obstetrician, Professor Jonathan Morris. It reflects the latest change in medical practice, so you can receive clear and comprehensive answers to all your questions.

What I love about this book compared to other books is that it has such a high level of detail, and you can really feel this when you first hold it. The heaviness and amount of information really does make it a pregnancy bible! There are extraordinary photographs, 3D scans and illustrations that reveal in unprecedented clarity exactly how your unborn baby is developing inside the womb every single day. It even gives you safe exercises to do during your pregnancy.

The book informs you about the options for labour and birth so that you can make an informed decision that is right for you. It also covers birth and the first few weeks of your baby’s life.

It tells you what to expect during the first 12 hours after child birth, hour by hour, and provides day-by-day advice as you adjust for life with your new baby.

If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is. I loved seeing how my baby was growing and understanding each stage of my baby’s growth.

If you're like most women and want to do everything you can to stay informed and healthy during pregnancy, this book is your perfect bedside table companion. It also makes a perfect gift for an expectant mother.

The Day-By-Day Pregnancy Book by DK is now available for pre-order.

A sneak peak:

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Bob Sinari
Bob Sinari
12 нояб. 2020 г.

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