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Our walk in robe

My walk-in robe is my sanctuary; a place of order and organisation. I wanted to make sure that getting dressed every morning was a beautiful experience, not a chore.

A lot of thought went to the planning of our walk in robe. I chose materials that would give a high end feel, like custom cabinetry and caesarstone, and relied on lighting to glam up the space.


We have plenty of natural lighting, however, we installed down lights as well as a large chandelier to add glamour to the space. The chandelier is the Madeleine 6 light egyptian crystal chandelier in chrome from Beacon Lighting.


I wanted to get a luxe feel so I opted for custom cabinetry. We chose Polytec 'black wenge' in ravine finish. This is a pure black timber grain with slightly evident warm timber undertones. Most of the cabinetry is 18mm thick, and all the shelves are fully adjustable.

We opted for open shelving with no backing to the wall, because this meant less cabinetry was needed. In turn, decreasing the cost. We also didn't put cabinetry to the ceiling to save on costs.

I initially wanted to get wall paper to cover the back wall but I knew once it was filled with clothes, the wallpaper wouldn't be very visible.


The main feature in here is the island, we topped it with Caesarstone in 'alpine mist' and this adds a sense of opulence to the space. We chose caesarstone over marble as it is more durable and practical. The alpine mist choice gives a white cool grey background with crisp white veins, it looks very similar to marble.

We also have a mirrored kickboard around the bottom of island to create the illusion of it floating. This is difficult to see in the photos.

The island is the perfect spot to lay out clothes or rest clothes and accessories that aren’t yet ready to be put away. I also use this bench to fold away clothing.


Our walk-in wardrobe has enough room for a person to enter and walk around, as well as store both mine and my husbands clothing. It is larger than an average size walk in robe and is 4.1 metres x 3.9 metres.


I store my items on the right side of the island, and hubby stores his on the left. This means we never get in each other's way!

There is plenty of hanging space for shirts, skirts, pants and suits, as well as long hanging space for coats and dresses. In the island drawers there is plenty of space for jumpers, pyjamas, active wear, underwear, socks, and jewellery.

I do not have a spot for a sit down makeup area as I have a dressing table in my bedroom.

My side 'hers'

Above: I have plenty of hanging space for storing tops, pants, dresses, jackets and skirts.

Above: I also hang my the handbags I use every day, and I purchased these pink handbag hangers from Ebay.

Above: I use the open cubicles, mainly for decorative purposes, but on the left side I store slippers and smaller handbags. The spacing here is adjustable.

Above: In the island bench we've installed extra wide drawers. Here I store anything that does not hang nicely. Like work out bras, tops, tights, singlets, tracksuit pants, and jeans. I also utilise the IKEA SKUBB boxes in my drawers.

Above: I fold everything vertically, as per the konmari folding method. This allows me to see everything quickly at first glance.

Above: I hang all my lingerie, as well as scarves with beautiful faux pearl hangers. I love seeing my collection.

Above: These are the faux pearl hangers I purchased around five years ago from a company based in France. I got these specifically imported and the quality is incredible. Unfortunately I do not remember the store I purchased these from.

Above: I also store my scarves with these pearl hangers.

Above: The shoes I wear often (like flats and sneakers) I store down low so they're easily accessed. I use two of the TJUSIG shoe racks from IKEA to store these.

Above: The rest of my shoes that I do not wear as often I store above in the IKEA SKUBB shoe boxes in black. I chose black so it would blend in with my cabinetry. I didn't want my shoes to be exposed, because I knew they would get dusty. As I do not need to access these often, I use a step ladder.

Above: I opted for different sized drawers to utilise the space. This narrow drawer is the perfect height for jewellery, and underneath I store my clutch bags and belts.

Above: Side view of the custom drawer, made by Hettich.

Above: The SKUBB IKEA boxes are perfect for storing items that move around easily.

Above: I fold everything as per the vertical folding konmari method.


A wall hook is a very cheap and practical addition to any wardrobe. A command hook ensures damage free hanging because it can be removed at any time. This is the perfect spot to hang items like hats and outfits. I prefer to use this hook to display the clothing I will be wearing the next day.

Husbands side 'his'

Above: I have plenty of hanging space for my husbands suits, jackets, shirts and casual shirts. I also hang his ties.

Above: All of my husbands work shoes are stored in the open cubicles on the right, and the rest of his shoes which he does not access often are stored above in the IKEA SKUBB boxes.

Above: I utilise the IKEA SKUBB boxes to organise the drawers.

Above: All of hubby's clothing is folded vertically also as per the konmari folding method.

Laundry Chute

I have my laundry chute in my walk in robe, and it makes my life so much easier as I am able to throw down any dirty clothes which lands directly in my laundry.

Above: This laundry chute has been a life saver. So practical. It minimises double handling of clothing, and makes my laundry washing so much easier. Above the laundry chute I store bits and pieces like hats, hoisery, shape wear and anything else I do not access often. They are also stored in the IKEA SKUBB boxes, in white.


I believe the wardrobe should reflect your personality. Don't be afraid to hang artwork in there, or things that are meaningful for you. Wall paper is a also a great way to add personality to the space.

Above: I purchased this print many years ago, I can't remember where I purchased it from, I used a frame from Freedom and displayed it on an unused wall.

I have an ottoman in my wardrobe and I use this to sit down on when I am putting on my shoes. This is the Mercer + Reid Kensington Small Ottoman in Rose Pink. Never under estimate the effect of different textures. I added a rug from Adairs to add some comfort to the space.


The placement of our walk-in robe is directly next to the master ensuite for accessibility. It also seamlessly connects to my bedroom.

I had a temporary mirror installed on this wall opposite the robe, however I will be replacing this soon as I want something much bigger.

Above: Left cavity door gives access to the master bedroom. Right door gives access to the master ensuite.

Above: Both doors can be easily closed for privacy.

Tips to create your own

Thinking outside the box will help you create the wardrobe of your dreams. If you've got a limited budget you could opt for white melamine, but never underestimate the small details. A chandelier can make any space look glam, and you can style it up with soft furnishings like an ottoman or a rug.

Paint and wall paper is another cost effective way to bring your vision to life. Incorporate your personality into the space with artwork, but overall make sure that you utilise your space by ensuring everything is practical and thought out. Place items that you access often within arms reach and ensure everything has a dedicated spot.

Get the look!


Madeleine 6 light egyptian crystal chandelier in chrome from Beacon Lighting.

TJUSIG shoe rack from IKEA


IKEA SKUBB shoe box in black

Closet organiser rod hanger from Ebay

Adairs Mercer + Reid Kensington Small Ottoman in Rose Pink

Adairs Home Republic fawn sheepskin rug from Adairs

Adairs Home Republic blush sheepskin rug from Adairs

Command 2.2kg Large Brushed Nickel Hook from Bunnings


Hettich drawers

Polytec 'black wenge' in ravine finish

Caesarstone in 'alpine mist

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