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Fun jelly bean inspired revamp of the IKEA Latt kids table

IKEA Latt kids table and chairs revamped

Kids tables don't need to be boring! Here's how to turn a $40 kids table into a colourful jelly bean inspired fun zone for all ages.

I’ve previously posted about how to turn the IKEA Latt kids table and chairs into a fun and practical craft station on a budget. But if you want something a bit more colourful and fun, this hack will definitely inspire your creative juices.

So here is what I did with it… Most of the items are from IKEA and Bunnings.


IKEA Latt kids table and chairs


IKEA Latt kids table and chairs revamped

Here's what I did to turn this table from drab to fab!

1. Painted the wood I used spray paint from Bunnings to paint the pieces of wood individually before assembling. The spray paint I bought had primer already. Remember to follow the instructions on the can and shake the can vigorously for a few minutes before applying. It is always better to do multiple very thin coats.

Spray painting of IKEA Latt kids table and chairs white

2. Covered the table and chair tops with PVC cover With so many PVC cover designs out there, there are endless themes you could do. I wanted something fun that appealed to both genders so I went with the jelly bean print. Before assembling the table, cover both the table and chair tops with the cover. I found an old piece of masonite from the garage and put down the pieces on it, and then I used a Stanley knife to trim the sides. If you want to add another dimension, you could cover the top with a chalk board roll instead, like this one, to also turn it into a chalk board.

IKEA Latt chair tops being covered with PVC cover

IKEA Latt chair tops being covered with PVC cover

3. Added a rail for the paper I fixed the roll to the table, so Little Miss can’t take the paper away! I used the Grundtal stainless steel rail from IKEA for $7.99 and screwed it on the side. It’s quite a large roll of paper (30 meters) so it lasts for ages!

IKEA Latt kids table and chairs revamped

4. Covered an old wipe container With the left-over PVC cover I covered an old wipe container. Here I keep her crayons, but you could also put wipes in there or whatever else you like. It matches the table and chairs so it looks super cute.

Where I went wrong:

  • I bought the white spray paint with a flat white finish at first. However, after two coats I realised that it wasn’t a good decision as marker scribble is far more difficult to wipe off a porous material. I figured a glossier finish will be more practical, so I did a final layer of gloss white spray paint.

Total cost

Here is the breakdown of the items I used and the costs:

TOTAL COST: $83.43

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