Announcing: Spring Clean With Nina

September 9, 2019


The much anticipated 'Spring Clean With Nina' has been launched. 98% of my followers who voted on Instagram wanted to clean with me, so here it is.


At the end of each week I will release a check list template concentrating on one area of the house for the week ahead. The focus will be on decluttering and deep cleaning each space of your home, so it's ready for summer! Just go through the list at your own pace, and share your progress so we can motivate each other.


The cost? Nothing! All you need is cleaning products which you probably already own, some killer tunes and a bit of elbow grease. This will be about reducing the items you already own so you can live more simply RIGHT NOW!


I won't be telling you what storage solutions or labels to buy because let's face it, that shit gets pricey and overwhelming if you try to do it all in a short time frame! I will be right here to share my cleaning tips and tricks, and we can all learn from each other! 


Use #cleanwithnina to share your progress so we can all support each other and share tips.

Write your questions in the comments box below.  What part of your home have you been putting off?  


A4 Printable Templates

Bathroom Checklist (What you may need to get started)
Week 1: Bathrooms (Ensuite)

Week 1: Bathrooms (Main Bathroom)

Week 1: Bathrooms (Kids Bathroom)

Week 1: Bathrooms (Guest Bathroom)

Week 2: Linen

Week 3: Kitchen [pantry]

Week 4: Kitchen Deep Clean

Week 5: Clothing, shoes and handbags

Week 6: Laundry

Week 7: Master Bedroom

Week 8: Kids Bedrooms


Instagram story templates are saved in my Instagram Highlights under 'TEMPLATES'


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