Fun, two ingredient gummy bear iceblocks

May 18, 2018


Got a sweet tooth and want to try a fun new recipe?  This is for you! These gummy bear iceblocks are too easy to make. All you need is 1 packet of gummy bears, and lemonade. Yes, that's only two ingredients!


Oh, and did I mention the kids will go crazy for this? Even better, the recipe is so easy to follow, they can make it themselves!



- 1 packet gummy bears

- 1 can of lemonade



1. Sort the gummy bears into colours

2. Place one colour of each gummy bear into an iceblock mould

3. Fill with lemonade, but do not overfill

4. Put the lid on

5. Leave in freezer overnight until frozen

6. Enjoy!



You can also get creative and substitute the lemonade for fruit juice.


Watch the video: 




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