Unboxing: Glow Pro Selfie Ring Light and Lumiere Compact Mirror

February 25, 2018

We know how important good lighting is for putting on makeup and taking selfies. I purchased two items from Glamour Makeup Mirrors which I want to show you to help you achieve perfect lighting every time. Watch me unbox these items on my YouTube Channel or view the video below.

The first is the Glow Pro Selfie Ring Light (RRP $44 AUD).


This light helps you take fab selfies anywhere by making sure you always have perfect lighting. You could easily pop it in your handbag because it’s pretty compact and light weight. It’s got a universal clip so it can attach to any smartphone or tablet. The LED light is round which is supposed to give an even spread of light over your face. 


There are two dimmers that you can turn which are completely independent of each other. The left is the warm light and the right is the cool light. And you’re even able to mix the lighting. They’ve included a USB cable, so you can charge it anywhere. I love that it doesn’t need batteries.


The other item I received is the Lumiere Compact Mirror (RRP $10 AUD).


This would be great if you’re one of these people that is constantly doing your makeup in the car or when you’re on the train on the way to work. This is also really compact, it is super light too. You could just throw this in your bag without worrying it will add unnecessary weight. I love that it’s so sleek.


This has 8 built in LED bulbs. Their website description says they are dimmable, however, I found them not to be. This is battery powered and they’ve included a battery. All you have to do to turn it on is press the little round touch button in the middle. One side has double magnification for closeup touch ups.


I look forward to trying these two products out. 


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