Frozen condom hack to help your postpartum vagina

August 23, 2017

Ok listen up. No one ever told me about this when I gave birth. But after hearing about it, this is too good not to bookmark for my next pregnancy.


For all those ready to pop anxiously counting down till their due date, add condoms on your list of things to go in your hospital bag. No, it’s not for what you think guys. (Sex is not recommended until after 6 weeks.)


If you’ve given birth before, you know that feeling of swelling and pain down there after you’ve pushed that little human out. For some it lingers for days, others for weeks.


I heard about a hack recently, that literally made my jaw drop. Apparently, it's nothing new, so why have I just heard of this?


Some people swear that condoms are the perfect hack to ease your postpartum vagina. This is especially helpful if you tear.


Just fill them up with water (about 70% full), tie the end closed like a balloon, and lay them flat in a container then pop them in in the freezer.


When you want some relief down there you rest them in between your legs (not inside!). You could also buy some pads and cut an opening in one end. Slide the frozen condom inside and wear the pad until the condom melts. Viola! You just repeat as needed.

Other remedies for a sore vagina?


- Padsicles: You could make homemade padsicles by freezing overnight pads or even newborn diapers. Grab some overnight pads, pour witch hazel into each one, and put them in ziplock bags in the freezer.


- Witch hazel wipes: Store-bought witch hazel wipes provide some relief and are good for haemorrhoids too.


- Sitz baths: The warm water increases blood flow down there helping it heal and repair the tissues faster.


- Black tea: Dunk a black tea bag in ¼ cup of boiling water, and steep until the water has cooled. Wring out the tea bag slightly and place it against your skin.



Good luck guys!

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