How to repurpose an old wet wipes container

July 4, 2017

When I revamped the IKEA table, a lot of people noticed I had styled an old baby wipe container to match with the same ‘jelly bean’ print and thought it was cute. If you liked what you saw, this post will show you how I did it.


I went through a process of decluttering my house and realised I had so many baby wet wipe containers. You know the plastic ones which you refill. I went to throw one in the bin, because how many do you need, really? Then it struck me, I could reuse it to store crayons and markers etc. Genius!

Of course, the cartoon pattern printed on it wasn't appealing and didn't fit in with my décor. I had leftover PVC film from when I repurposed the table, so decided it would be perfect to match the table and chairs.





What you’ll need:

  • Approximately 30cms of PVC Self-Adhesive film or you could use book contact (I used the Boyle PVC Self-Adhesive film from Bunnings in the jellybean print because I thought it was fun)

  • Old baby plastic wet wipe container

  • Scissor

  • Stanley knife

  • Ruler for measuring (optional, the PVC film usually has grid lines which you can use)



  1. Measure out how much PVC film you will need to cover the sides of the container.

  2. Cut the amount needed with scissors.

  3. Carefully remove the backing from the film.

  4. Cover the sides of the container with the film ensuring there are no bubbles or air pockets underneath. If you find there are air pockets carefully peel back that section of the film, and reapply. The film should hang over the edges, as this will look much neater when the excess is cut off.

  5. Using a sharp Stanley knife, neatly trim the edges. For the bottom, you may need to place the container on a surface that you do not mind getting damaged. I used an old piece of MDF board.

  6. Viola! It’s that easy. Fill the container with wet wipes, crayons, or whatever else you want.



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