Secondhand sugars during pregnancy? Say what?

May 28, 2017

I have a confession. The latest pregnancy campaign ‘Secondhand Sugars’ has got me feeling intense mama guilt. 


I did everything right during my pregnancy, ate nutritious foods, no fast food, no raw foods, didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, did some moderate activity, took my multivitamins… but oh I did eat lots of refined sugar alright.


Working long hours, I often had a stash of chocolate in my side desk draw which I consumed throughout the day. And honey, I had so much honey! I knew it wasn’t the best thing to put in my body – but hey I was pregnant!


Dr Michael Goran, a professor of preventative medicine and paediatrics at the University of Southern California recently said that secondhand sugars are the new secondhand smoke. What the heck does this mean?

Well Dr Goran has spent three decades researching obesity in children, and said that high sugars are being passed onto babies via their pregnant mums. Really?


He says on his website “Children today are being raised in high-sugar environment, creating risk for obesity, chronic diseases like diabetes, and behavioural and learning problems.”


Don’t be alarmed people! He does conclude that further investigations are required to determine the effects of high levels of fructose [sugar] consumption during critical periods of gestation, lactation and infancy.


Scare campaign, maybe? But if it’s got me thinking twice about what I put into my body during my next pregnancy then I’m cool with that.

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