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Organic cotton sleepwear for babies and children that doesn’t cost the earth

Niovi Organics sleepwear for children

The arrival of a new baby brought with it worries I had never considered before. When I became pregnant, like a lot of other new mums, my life purpose changed. I turned into one of those ‘natural mums’ who didn’t use deodorant due to the fear of toxins leaching into my system.

I spent hours researching the purest baby products to use on my newborns skin because I wouldn’t even put petroleum-based products on MY skin let alone on an untainted baby!

I would, and still, do cringe when I receive sleepwear for my daughter that is made from polyester, or anything other than cotton. Right from when I was pregnant, organic cotton was one of the first things I shopped around for.

When Little Miss was a newborn I was dedicated to putting clothes on her that were breathable and allowed her body to stay at a comfortable temperature. And because babies sleep most of the time, it was all about comfort! Little Miss also experienced eczema as a baby, so I was committed to reducing her exposure to allergens.

For these reasons, organic cotton was and still is, my first preference. But I am not alone! Mothers all over the world are preferring organic cotton for their sweet little angels. Only the best for our bubs, right?

The good news is nowadays there are so many organic choices available. But it would annoy me that it was always so much more expensive. When you have so many expenses, and big-ticket items to purchase, splurging on organic cotton isn’t always practical.

So, when I heard about NIOVI Organics recently I was excited that they were so committed to creating an organic cotton children’s wear label that is not only comfortable, but ethical and also set an affordable price tag. They really do tick all the boxes.

Niovi Organics sleepwear for children

Their prints are inspired by nature, infused with childhood play and a gorgeous colour palette. What I love about their designs is they are quite unisex and not constrained by gender stereotypes. Sometimes less is more, and I love the simplicity of their designs. Have you checked out their monochrome range? Amazing!

Little Miss who is 28 months old, has been wearing the Kids PJ Set from the new range, which is a long sleeve top and pant. She has been wearing the size 3 for a few weeks now, and it is true to size. She's got the white and orange set, which features cute little orange leaves scattered as if they are falling off a tree. It's got such an autumn feel to it. She finds this so comfortable, breathable and perfect for bedtime.

Niovi Organics sleepwear for children

I love that there are no annoying labels which can often scratch my daughter's delicate skin. The double stitched seams and hems add durability, and the waistband is encased for a softer feel.

The baby range is also super cute and features quality studs, 2-way zippers, and fold over cuffs in grow suits that double as mittens. Perfect for those cooler months.

NIOVI's new range is launching in April 2018, which includes sizes up to 5. If you’re unsure about what size to get, check out their size chart. They are offering free shipping on all Australian orders over $100, and for international orders over $200.

About Niovi

NIOVI is a designer children's wear label specialising in certified organic cotton clothes. Having witnessed how the dyes from the fashion industry adversely affect the environment, the founders set on to create a label that is as simple as a child’s life.

Designed and conceptualised in Melbourne, Australia their clothing is made in GOTS-certified factories in India. Not sure what that means? Basically, GOTS certification restricts the use of toxic, allergenic dyes in their manufacturing processes, ensuring clothing is safe for even the most sensitive baby skin, while also reducing environmental impact.

NIOVI takes pride in following a transparent supply chain, guaranteeing their farmers and textile workers fair and ethical work conditions. They believe in giving back and all purchases help support ‘Sudaroli Home For the Blind’ located in Mettur, India.

To check out their gorgeous range or find out more information about their work and social contribution, go to their website.


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